I almost never review businesses, but wanted to do that in this case.  I am a president of an HOA that is subject to the new retrofit law.  We knew we had to do it, but even just the idea of earthquake retrofit was exhausting (I’ve had the (mis)fortune of dealing with multiple contractors on various situations in my life, with about 50% ratio of disastrous outcomes).  I frankly inherited the choice of One Stop Retrofit from the previous HOA President.  I didn’t have much context on them except for one phone call that I had with Efi.  He seemed very nice on the phone (but that’s how all of these endeavors go until they go south :)), plus we did some research on comps and OSR seemed to be well priced in comparison to others.  So we ended up going ahead with them.

I have to say – I was very pleasantly surprised.  Not because we didn’t go over a bit over what was initially planned (we did, but not by a lot), and not because we didn’t run over a bit on timing (in defense of OSR on timing, it wasn’t their fault, engineers that we hired specked out something that ended up not working for the actual structure we discovered once we opened the building).  But because every step along the way, Efi and his team were beyond professional.  There wasn’t a single time that they didn’t pick up the phone when I called (if couldn’t talk, immediately texted they’ll call back and did within like half an hour), didn’t nickel and dime us when bumps came up and ate the costs on some complications that came up, and very very neat and careful about their work.  They always kept us updated.  The final end product turned out great.  It’s rare that I can say this about a contractor, but I am pretty confident in recommending them without reservation.