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Soft Story Retrofit

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What is a Soft Story Retrofit?

Generally when the shear walls at the ground floor are less than 80% then the shear walls of the upper floor that makes the building a soft story building. Each building side is calculated separately to determine if the retrofit is needed where and how to do the retrofit. The objective of this program is to reduce the risk of injury or loss of life that could be the result of an earthquake. 

Why Soft Story Retrofit?

  1. It’s the law: If you received the order to comply you must take action by the deadline or face monthly penalties 

  2.  It may Help reduce owner’s liability for injury or death of tenants in the event of an earthquake.

  3.  Protect your investment

  4.  Inspection is FREE: avoid penalties and call us today .we offer free building assessment to see what is the most cost effective way to comply with the ordinance .

Our Soft Story Retrofitting Process

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