The article, published by the Los Angeles Times on February 7th, 2023, provides practical advice on how to prepare for an earthquake.

The article highlights the importance of having a plan in place, knowing how to shut off gas and water supplies, and having emergency supplies on hand. The article also stresses the importance of regularly checking and updating emergency kits, securing heavy furniture, and practicing earthquake drills with family members.

As residents of the United States, it is important to be prepared for natural disasters, especially earthquakes. Earthquakes can strike without warning and have the potential to cause significant damage and disruption.

With the increasing frequency of earthquakes in certain regions, it is more important than ever to educate ourselves on how to prepare and respond in the event of an earthquake. This is why we are sharing this article from the Los Angeles Times with our audience.

The article provides useful tips and information on how to prepare before an earthquake hits, and we believe that this information can help increase awareness and readiness for earthquakes in the United States.